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                                                               Oddjobsri was conceived, designed and opened by Derek Richard Horton on 1/03/2000. You can view his linkedin page

   Derek Horton was born and raised in Coventry, RI. From a very young age Derek showed a great interest and talent with computers. At the age of 8 he got his first computer the Apple II E and began to write his very own adventure games. These games became hours of entertainment for his family and friends. His love for computers continues on today. As a boy he played for a traveling hockey team up until high school at which point he joined the school team. He attended LaSalle Academy for the 9th grade and then returned to Coventry high school from which he graduated. During high school he also attended West Bay Vocational Technical School where he studied environmental resources. After high school Derek started his own construction business, specializing in carpentry, while attending the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI). At CCRI he studied business administration.
  Derek then left RI to travel. He visited and lived in places such as Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. His travels landed him in Vail, Colorado where he lived and worked for 8 years. His first job in Vail was with Vail Resorts as a lift technician. He was responsible for maintaining lift operations, keeping the lifts running smoothly and safely. He then took a job with Curtin - Hill Sports where he held several positions. He was hired as a Ski Technician to fix and tune up skis and snowboards. He soon became the Assistant Network Administrator responsible for maintaining, fixing, and installing network systems, he also assisted in designing their web site. He went on to conceive, design and build their new snowboard shop of which he became the manager and was given full responsibility over the shop. In addition to all of these positions Derek was also a snowboard model where he was featured performing snowboarding stunts in many promotional materials such as newspapers, magazines, television and Curtin - Hill's website. 
  In 1999 Derek moved back to Coventry, RI to start his family. He was soon hired by Comp USA of Boston MA. as a Technical Service Manager, Where he managed a team who maintained and fixed computer systems. In 2000 Derek began his apprenticeship with Colonial Fireworks and is now a licensed display firework shooter and licensed pyrotechnician. Also in 2000 Derek received his R.I. contractors license.
  The variety of skill and talent that Derek has developed led to many phone calls by family and friends asking him for help to fix things and assistance with setting up and maintaining computer systems. The overwhelming number of calls that he received, brought to his attention the need for this type of service. That is when he conceived of the idea for OddJobsRI.com. After 12 years of operating Oddjobsri,  Derek has also taken on a part time position at a local hospital in Materials management. 

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